Our Mission and Philosophy

SouLife's™ mission is to inspire personal and professional discovery, innovation and success through mind body soul wellness.

SouLife’s™ core philosophy is built on the belief that our absorbent years (birth-6) were our most formative years and that reclaiming child traits is the key to living authentically, creating a true path for happiness, which leads to personal and professional innovation and success.

SouLife™ achieves this through creating prepared environment experiences through retreats, events and workshops.


• Curiosity

• Exploration

• Imagination

• Acceptance of Others

• Sense of Innocence

• Contentment in Life

• Expression of Love

• Resilience in Falls

• Being a Believer 

• Living in the Present

• Losing yourself in Play

• Create with Abandon

• Having an eye of Wonder

• Feeling pure Joy

These concepts are explored in art, ecstatic movement, meditation and other creative mediums and self care activities.

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